Data acquisition – correction & checking – 100% `tig

Eckhardt GmbH DMS - data acquisitionThe basic basis for direct, project-related processing on your internal and external downstream systems is always the perfect work results of our service teams from the sub-process steps of data acquisition, data correction and data verification / validation.

Automated and manual tests can be flexibly combined on our in-house software libraries in order to reliably map the required highest accuracy values ​​(> 99.9%) with perfect data and image quality.

In general, all process chains for data and document automation are set up in accordance with ISO 9000 ff. And are regularly certified on the basis of extensive, complex specifications from our long-term satisfied customers.

By the way: with our intelligent “I-Cor” client / server software solution, Eckhardt DMS - automatic Reco, OCR, character recognition after the scanwe can very easily and quickly connect to your existing scan and character recognition system.
We automatically take over your Reco results and manage the time-consuming and wage-intensive part of the “reject” correction and data enrichment with all necessary data checks.

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